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PrestaShop Connector for Zendesk

PrestaShop Connector for Zendesk
Connect your Zendesk account with multiple PrestaShop stores.
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BYN 300.00


The PrestaShop Connector for Zendesk Support and Chat will allow you to connect your PrestaShop stores and display customer information on the Zendesk side.

This will help to better search and verify information, as well as provide more effective support.

The application by default uses the ticket requester email for searching and looks for information on the PrestaShop store. Found information is divided into detailed data about the customer and all orders associated with this customer. In addition, the application can connect several PrestaShop stores at the same time and display information for each store. Note: You should purchase the extension for each store which will connect to the app.

Main features of the application:
1) Providing information about the customer and orders directly in the ticket page
2) Ability to connect multiple stores at the same time and search across all stores
3) Additional search by email or order number. Used if the customer is not found by ticket requester email or if you want to find data by other email/order
4) Filtering orders. Helps to find the right order if there are too many of them.
5) Links to the customer, order and product pages on your PrestaShop admin panel (you should be authenticated).
6) "Watch Order" feature. You can pin order to ticket and see order info in additional block.

Provided information:
1) Customer block:
- Name (link on customer page in Admin panel)
- Registration date
- Total Sales
- Group
- Country
- Default shipping and billing addresses

2) Block of orders:
- Order number (link on order page in Admin panel)
- Status
- Date of creation
- Totals (subtotal, tax, shipping, discount, grand total)
- Product block
- Billing and shipping addresses
- Payment and shipping methods

3) Product block:
- Name (link on product page in Admin panel)
- Price
- Quantity
- Sku
- Product options
- Total

How to install the extension:
1) Download actual version of the extension
2) Unpack it on your PestaShop store
3) Connect to the BackOffice of your shop
4) Go to Modules > Module Manager > search "Morfdev Freshdesk Connector" > click on "Install"
5) Go to module settings (Modules > Module Manager > Morfdev Freshdesk Connector > click on "Configure")

How to configure the app:
1) Install the extension and the app
2) Generate API Token on your PrestaShop Admin panel (Modules > Module Manager > MorfDev Zendesk Connector > Configure > API Key)
3) Copy token and place it on "PrestaShop API Token" field in App settings
4) Copy your PrestaShop url and place it on "Base Url" field in App settings. Your PrestaShop store must have SSL certificate and configured for https requests
Examples of Base URL: